Our Alsatian specialties

A selection of Alsatian products

Produits de la Cigogne produces Alsatian specialties and cooked dishes of artisanal quality, respecting regional culinary traditions.

In order to bring our culture and our land to life, we offer you quality products with a unique flavor.

Fresh spaetzle and knepfle, catering specialties and cold cuts, spice blends made by us, to personalize the flavor of our products.

The essentials of our workshops are sauerkraut, fresh spaetzle (little alsacian pasta), baeckeoffe (vegetable stew with 3 meats), pork knuckle and potato pancake. All are available in several dimensions

Our butcher pastries

A wide range of pies with regional flavors is the pride of our pastry chefs: “winegrower”, with Riesling, Munster, “Bouchée à la reine”, with munster cheese, with Sauerkraut, Poultry or even Frog, …

The puff pastries are acclaimed for their delicious crispy pastry, beneath which various textures are hidden: Hot winegrower pâtés, Hot poultry and porcini mushroom pâtés, duck with foie gras, salmon and leek puff pastries, …

Without forgetting salty tart and “patés en crourte” !

Our pastries are offered in individual format or to share.

Our cold cuts

We produce a wide range of Alsatian cold cuts, based on selected meat: Strasbourg sausages, cervelas, « gendarmes », roulades, terrines, smoked sausages, grilling sausages, ….

Choucroute garnie

Our range of cured meats

Smoked with beech wood, we prepare all the cured foods used in the making of good sauerkraut: smoked pork blade and pork neck, kassler, smoked bacon, …

The famous pork shank, cooked or braised, with beer or honey, makes the reputation of our workshops. Other products such as smoked duck breast, smoked pork tenderloin and hams enrich this range.

Ready meals

A wide range of fresh cooked meals is offered to you made from meat, poultry, wild game or fish. We produce recipes from Alsatian Culinary Heritage as well as those from French Cuisine.

These ready-made meals are also available in long-life: glass jars or metal boxes.

Alsacian specialties

We prepare traditional Alsatian specialties in our workshops: spaetzle and knepfle with fresh eggs, potato pancake, fleischschnaka ( rolled stuffed with meat preparation) and their variations with poultry or fish.

Delivery throughout France

Throughout the year, our professional customers will be able to enjoy a range of cooked dishes, side dishes and Alsatian specialties, all homemade in our workshops in Alsace

We deliver our products throughout France!