Produits de la Cigogne

All the generosity of Alsace, east of France.

PRODUITS DE LA CIGOGNE offers you its specialties: a wide artisanal range of fresh or canned cooked meals, savory meat pastries, fresh pasta, potato pancake, local charcuterie and salting produced in Alsace.

PRODUITS DE LA CIGOGNE is a partner of the “Savourez l’Alsace/ Enjoy Alsace” brand

Assortiment de charcuterie et salaison

the whole heart of Alsace is beating.

In each of our local products you can read the love of a job well done, of our region, of our producers and our culinary traditions.

Since 1981, we have worked to delight your palate: from fresh spaetzle (small fresh egg pasta) to sauerkraut, including our catering or cold meats specialties… Our priority is to satisfy you, we are here to listen to you.

Our vision

Quality products, ethical and respectful of traditions, must be accessible to as many people as possible. We wish to transmit the Alsatian tradition and our passion for good things in a circular economy approach.


Our values


Lovers of the Alsatian culinary tradition and the terroir, anchored in its territory, PRODUITS DE LA CIGOGNE is a committed player in the regional agri-food sector.


We defend and perpetuate the gastronomic heritage of Alsace and its specificities to promote it beyond the region, through a wide range of cooked dishes, prepared according to the rules of the art for everyday pleasure.


Concerned about offering only quality dishes, our specialties are prepared from products selected from local and regional players with whom the company relies on long-term relationships.


Our reason to believe


Since 1981, in our workshops located in the heart of the Sainte-Marie aux mines valley, our culinary specialties have been prepared in an artisanal manner, in strict compliance with current manufacturing standards.


A family business, our collaborators, mainly trained in catering professions, are motivated to perpetuate Alsatian culinary traditions on a daily basis.


With a wide selection of products, we make sure to work with local and regional producers.

The majority of raw materials are of French origin

Produits de la Cigogne is a partner of the « Savourez l’Alsace / Enjoy Alsace » brand and member of the Confederation of butchers and charcutier caterers

The products are delivered throughout France and abroad.

The story of a brand: a family business

In the heart of Alsace, in the charming valley of Sainte-Marie aux Mines, Produits de la Cigogne has preserved and defended regional culinary traditions since 1981.

Agnès and Jean-Guy Campagne surrounded by a team of collaborators mainly from the food profession, work daily to maintain a high level of quality of their artisanal products.

Agnès is born in Sélestat , in Alsace center She remembers the traditional recipes prepared by her mother and grandmother, and the know-how of Alsatian gastronomic heritage.

Jean-Guy, for his part, is the son of a farmer from the South-West of France The times spent with his father instilled in him this need to constantly seek excellence in supplies and the approach to favoring short circuits.

2023: The Stork changes its nest…

In April 2023, PRODUITS DE LA CIGOGNE moved to its new production site located at 4 Les Halles, in Sainte-Croix-aux-Mines, a few hundred meters from the historic site.

Thanks to the support of the GRAND EST region, the FEADER (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development), the BPI and its historical financial partners, who helped us to make significant progress for our company.

The aid allocated allowed us

– to increase our production capacities, to respond even better to the growing needs of our customers.

– to modernize and optimize our production tools, to guarante a staedy quality and increased efficiency.

– to respond to current environmental issues, by adopting sustainable and eco-responsible practices.

We are deeply grateful to the GRAND EST region, the FEADER and our financial partners for their support.

These developments mark an important step in our commitment to continuous improvement, innovation and environmental responsibility. Thank you, dear customers and partners, for your trust. Our desire remains more than ever to continue to offer you quality products.